Sandburg Middle School
Ballard, Colleen
6th Grade English
Boyle, Nicole
6th Grade Social Studies/English/6th Grade Team Leader
Branick, Caroline
6th & 8th Grade Social Studies, Social Studies Dept Chair
Cohen, Therese
6th Grade English & 6th Grade Team Leader
Dahlman, Frank
8th Grade Reach English, 7th Grade English, English Department Chairperson
Fejt, Melinda
7th Grade English
Frederick, Kelly
Reading Specialist
Harkins, Kelly
8th Grade English
Joslyn, Brittany
Reading Specialist
Kastner, Jessica
Reinheimer, Susan
8th Grade English, 8th Grade REACH English, 8th Grade Team Leader, sreinheimer
Silver, Emily
7th Grade ELA Teacher
Tapling, Christine
7th Grade English Teacher
Vazquez, Lauren
6th grade math and English Teacher
Zock, Lawrence
7th Grade REACH English & Social Studies

Sandburg English

Welcome to the Sandburg Middle School English Department website.  This website will keep you informed about important information regarding the English department.  Use the directory to the left to contact teachers in the department or visit their individual websites.

English Department Grade Book Categories

In an effort to align student experiences in grades six through eight and to help parents better understand their child's English education at Sandburg, the English department has agreed on a list of categories that will be used in English classes. Every category will not be used by every teacher, but when English teachers do enter an assignment or an assessment, it will fall under one of the listed categories. Below you will find the names of the categories as well as a description of the types of assignments and assessments that fall into each category.


Language Studies: This category encompasses vocabulary taught in class both academic and content based, spelling of vocabulary and morphemes, morpheme knowledge, and grammar related work including parts of speech.


Reading: This category is used to assess students on their ability to read and comprehend informational and literary texts tied to the core curriculum.

Writing: This category is used to assess students’ ability to write in a variety of formats including argument/persuasive writing, narrative writing, and informational writing as well as writing conventions.

Speaking / Listening: This category is used to assess students’ ability to participate in class, present information, discuss in pairs, small groups, and large groups, as well as presentations of projects.



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