Sandburg Middle School
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Spanish and French

Sandburg Middle School Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month: September 15th- October 15th

The mission of the World Language Department of Sandburg is to prepare students to communicate effectively in an increasingly global community.

The Spanish and French Departments focus on the three modes of communication: Interpretive, Presentational, and Interpersonal.

Interpretive: Reading and comprehending authentic texts (made for native speakers), Listening and understanding native speakers in audio and in video forms.

Presentational: Expressing yourself effectively and correctly in the target language in written form.

Interpersonal: Communicating effectively with native speakers in oral fashion.

Theme-based Units

Grade 6:

6.1- My Favorite Things

6.2- Vacation Time

6.3- Daily Life 

6.4- Consumerism


Grade 7:

7.1 Daily Life (starting SY17-18, will be a 6th grade unit)

7.2 Consumerism  (starting SY17-18, will be a 6th grade unit)

7.3 Healthy Lifestyle

7.4 City Life


Grade 8: 

8.1- Film and Entertainment

8.2- Nature and the Environment

8.3 Culinary Adventures

8.4 Let's Travel 


See teacher websites for current theme-based unit vocabulary lists, study tips, enrichment ideas, and more!

Links to World Language Teachers' Web Pages


Señora Gates     - Spanish

Señora Larrabee   -Spanish

Señora Biaocco      -Spanish

Madame Kacprzynska     -French

Madame Silkitis      -French