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Glencoe Textbooks

Glencoe text books can be accessed at:


Your Google login and password are the same as your IXL login and password.

Mac Help for Online Glencoe Textbook

Please use the latest versions of Safari (3.X) (Firefox will not work with our Online Student Editions) and Adobe Reader (9).  Then, make sure Adobe Reader 9 is the default viewer for PDFs and you should be good to go!

To make Adobe the default viewer for PDFs:

1.     Hold down Apple +F

2.     In the Find window type PDF and click the find icon.

3.     Click once on  a PDF to highlight it.

4.     Click on ‘File’, ‘Get Info’ and scroll down to “Open With’.

5.     Choose ‘Adobe Reader” and click ‘Change All’.

This will change the program from Preview to Reader, which is what is needed to access the Online Student Edition.  The easiest thing to do, next, is to click on the icon which shows a blue bookmark on a page.  From there, open the Table of Contents and click on any chapter.

If that does not work, here are other things to try:

1.     Launch Adobe Reader by itself.

2.     When the menu bar comes up at the top of the screen, click on Adobe, and choose ‘Preferences’

3.     Click on ‘Internet’ in the left column.

4.     Click on ‘Display PDF in Browser” (top center of screen).  There needs to be a check mark in that box.

5.     Click on OK then exit Acrobat Reader.

6.     Restart Safari and log into the Online Student Edition.

7.     All pages should now be visible.

8.     If necessary, reboot computer.

Additional support is available at

Phone support:  800-437-3715