7th/8th Grade Choir

7th/8th Grade Choir is a curricular choir that is non-auditioned and open to every student at Sandburg Middle School. 

Throughout each quarter there will be singing exams that will reflect concepts that are begin taught in daily class rehearsal.

Grading is based on E (exceeds district standards), M (meets district standards), and N (does not meet district standards).

For students that are in band/orchestra and choir, please look for the daily rehearsal schedule in the MUSIC LOCKER area. 


Choir Binder, pencil, and ALL vocal/choral music in binder.



Time: Class is from 7:30-8:15am

  • 7:15 First bell rings. Go to locker and get binder/pencil.
  • 7:29 Second Bell Rings. Be on risers in your assigned position with your binder and pencil.
  • 7:30 Third Bells Rings. Attendance begins.  

Band/Orchestra students will have to check their rehearsal calendars to know which day they will go to choir. Generally, FULL CHOIR(all choir students) meets on Wednesday and Fridays, but in a four day week that will change. You are responsible for having all materials at every choir rehearsal!!