Sandburg Concert Orchestras


It is extremely important that your student bring these in order to make forward progress. These materials are required at EVERY Lesson/Rehearsal:

  1. Instrument
  2. Music
  3. Black 3-Ring Binder
  4. Pencil


It is our goal to prepare each student for the appreciation and performance of music. They will learn music ranging from historically significant works to modern masterpieces. They will also develop their abilities as well-rounded musicians. Each student who has completed this program will be a competent musician with a strong knowledge of fundamentals, terminology, and technical ability. It is our goal to instill in them an appreciation of music that they will in turn pass on to those around them. All students will be rewarded for their hard work and dedication to the program, as well as being prepared to continue onward in the field of music.


6th Grade Orchestra
This is the orchestra of 6th grade students that rehearses during the day at Sandburg. Students are expected to have a solid grasp on the essentials of technique from their previous instruction. This ensemble expands on their previous knowledge, propelling them forward on their musical paths. 

7th/8th Grade Orchestra
This is the orchestra of 7th and 8th graders that rehearses during the day at Sandburg. Students should demonstrate a strong command of the fundamentals of musicianship, and also the appropriate level of responsibility and commitment that this group requires.

Technique Classes
This weekly lesson is the cornerstone of the orchestra program. Students are excused from class on a rotating basis, so they will only be pulled from the same period once every five to six weeks. The schedules are available at the beginning of the year.