Unified Arts

Gaunt, John (630) 617-2356 ex.3525 7th/8th Grade Choir and General Music jgaunt@elmhurst205.org
Leban, Jennifer (630) 834-4534 Creative Technology; Department Chair - jleban@elmhurst205.org
Lim, Andrew   Industrial Arts Teacher alim@elmhurst205.org
O'Connor, Edward (630) 834-4534

Project Lead the Way; 8th Grade Boys Basketball, Volleyball, and Track Coach

Provost, Lynn   Family & Consumer Science Teacher lprovost@elmhurst205.org
Walker, Thomas   Project Lead the Way and Art Teacher twalker@elmhurst205.org


The Unified Arts "wheel" is a year-long rotation of five classes for 6th and 7th grade: Art, Creative Technology, Family & Consumer Sciences, Industrial Technology, and Music.  Each class is about 7.5 weeks long.  These classes are labeled: Term A, B, C, D, and E on a student's schedule.

Project Lead the Way is a semester-long elective class. Students will take Design and Modeling and/or Computer Science for Innovators and Makers. 

In eighth grade, students have the option to "elect" semester-long UA classes. Students may choose from Art, Creative Tech, Family and Consumer Sciences, Industrial Tech, Music, or Project Lead the Way.


All Unified Arts (UA) classes are graded E, M, and N.

E = exceeds district standards (90%-100%)
M = meets district standards (60%-89%)
N = does not meet district standards (59% or below)