Counseling Department


Gumbach, Christy

8th Grade Counselor, Spartan TV sponsor

Kerins, K Lisa

6th Grade Counselor

Lambert-Haak, Kim

7th Grade Counselor



The counseling program at Sandburg Middle School enables students, parents, and teachers to experience a positive social, emotional, and academic learning environment. The program is based on the American School Counseling Association Comprehensive Developmental model and consists of a myriad of supportive services: individual and group counseling, parent and teacher consultations, group guidance, referral assistance programs and services in the community, and student testing.

Small Counseling Groups will start the end of September. Groups will be offered on a variety of topics including social skills, friendship, academic readiness and anxiety. All groups are formed on the needs of the students. Any staff or parent can refer a student they feel could benefit from small group counseling.

Individual Counseling in the middle school is short-term in nature, depending on the need and circumstances. If the student is in need of additional mental health services, referrals can be made. Individual counseling can begin at anytime during the year.

Teacher Consultation and collaboration is available every day.

Parent Consultation is also available. Please feel free to call, e-mail, or schedule an appointment:

7th Grade
Mrs. Lambert-Haak  630.617.8201

8th Grade
Mrs. Gumbach 630.993.8877

6th Grade
Ms. Kerins  630.993.8878

We look forward to working together this year! 


The mission of Sandburg Middle School is to encourage students to become confident, independent, responsible and respectful learners by reinforcing and supporting their academic and co-curricular growth in conjunction with parents and the community.

To support this mission, the Sandburg School Counselors are dedicated to providing a comprehensive counseling program supporting the academic, career, and social-emotional needs of all students through a variety of delivery services. The Sandburg School Counselors provide school-wide initiatives, whole class instruction, small group interventions, individualized crisis intervention and support, consultation with staff and parents, as well as collaboration with outside agencies. Our goal is to promote a commitment to life-long learning, build a school culture and climate that fosters respectful inclusion of all members of our community, and to aid students in becoming responsible, culturally aware, productive members of society.