Welcome to Sandburg 5th Grade!


Last updated: August 9, 2022

PLEASE NOTE:  Most things noted below about how 5th grade will be run next year are still in the works and are subject to change. This information reflects our current direction and best guess at what will be offered and how things will be run at Sandburg for 5th grade. 

Current 5th Grade News
Important Upcoming Dates
General 5th Grade Information

Note: Information in this section is currently being planned and is subject to change.

NOTE: Additional Information about Sandburg can be found on the Main Sandburg PTA webpage and the New to Sandburg webpage.

In an attempt to help parents of incoming 5th graders from Field, who will be attending 5th grade at Sandburg during the 2022-23 school year, the PTA has put together this webpage. If you think we should add or change something on this page, please contact Anna Wick.


JoiN the PTA for 2022-2023

Please join us! The PTA sponsors many great events, programs, and more for our students and Sandburg staff. Also, joining the PTA gives you access to the electronic Sandburg School directory through the Directory Spot app! The directory will be live in early September. We need you and thank you for supporting Sandburg. Visit the Sandburg PTA Online Store to register and pay online via credit card, or email Amy Kinsella for details on how to pay by check. Please note that you may also add a (much appreciated!) additional donation to the Sandburg PTA when you join.
All PTA programs at Sandburg are funded by Fair Share Fees and additional donations; we don't do any large fundraisers so we are very dependent on families joining the PTA. Joining the PTA does *NOT* obligate you to any commitments - we use your dues to help fund all of the PTA events. We are striving for 100% membership this year! Thank you in advance for becoming a PTA member!

Fifth Grade Welcome to Sandburg Events
  • 5th grade parent meeting and tour: took place on Tuesday, August 9, 2022, 3-4 pm. See the presentation from the meeting.
  • 5th grade student and parent meet the teacher & supply drop off:  Monday, August 15, 2022, 4-5 pm.  Fifth grade students will be meeting their teacher in the classroom and have the opportunity to tour the building. 5th graders will also be getting their locks for their hallway lockers at this time.

For the 2022-23 School Year, the Sandburg PTA will be coordinating some 5th Grade only activities and events, and there are currently openings for the following positions:

  • URGENT: 5th Grade After School Club Chair, for filling the 3-3:30 pm "gap" between when the 5th Grade School Day ends and before Sandburg after-school clubs start.  (Note: this club will only meet on the days (TBD) when 5th graders can stay for clubs, and the 5th grader must be staying for a club to participate.)
  • 5th Grade Class Parties (in winter and spring)
  • Room Parents for each 5th Grade Classroom
  • 5th Grade Square1 Art Chair
  • 5th Grade Yearbook Liaison Chair

For more information on each role, see the posted open PTA Positions for 2022-23. If you are interested in chairing or helping out with any of these events, please contact Kelly Asseff and/or Liz Ott.


Bus: 5th Grade students will be bused to and from Sandburg on their own buses - they will NOT be on the same buses as the 6th through 8th middle school students. The 5th grade buses will arrive before the middle school buses in the morning, and will leave before the middle school buses in the afternoon. Bused students will enter and exit Sandburg in the front of the school at door 3. Adult supervision will be provided at door 3 during arrivals and departures.

Alternate Transportation: Students may also use alternate transportation, including walking, biking or driving. Students should enter and exit Sandburg at the back (door 7). Adult supervision will be provided at door 7 during arrivals and departures.

Please note that in the morning, the doors open at 8 am and school starts at 8:15 am. School ends at 3 pm for 5th grade.


See the information on the New to Sandburg page about School Communications. 5th Grade parents will be included in these communications for the 2022-23 school year.

Typical Day for 5th Grade

Fifth Grade at Sandburg will be very much like 5th Grade at Elmhurst Elementary Schools -  students won't change classrooms and will run on the same schedule as all elementary students. However, they will get a taste of middle school during specials and after school activities.






  • Arrival: 5th Graders should arrive between 8-8:15 am and enter Sandburg as noted above in the transportation section. Doors open at 8 am and 5th grade begins at 8:15 am. (Note: Middle School doesn't start until 8:30 am.)
  • Classrooms: 5th Grade classrooms are upstairs in rooms 220, 221 and 222.
  • Lunchtime: 
    • 5th Grade will have their own separate time in the Sandburg lunchroom from 10:25 to 10:55, and hot lunch will be offered. More information about lunch can be found on the New to Sandburg webpage. 
    • Lunch Recess - 5th Graders will be provided with balls and equipment, and will have space in the field between Sandburg and Edison for recess.
    • 5th Grade Clubs During Lunch
      • Running Club - run by PTA
      • 5th Grade Choir - run by Sandburg choir director Mr. Gaunt
  • Specials: Art, Music, and PE classes will likely be provided by Sandburg staff. Note that 5th Graders do NOT need PE uniforms.
  • REACH/SERG/Speech/IEP Services: will be provided 
  • Departure: School will end at 3 pm (Note: Middle School ends at 3:30 pm)
AFTER SCHOOL for 5th Grade
  • 5th Grade Clubs & Extracurricular Opportunities
    • Yearbook
    • Chess Club
    • Student Council
    • Band/Orchestra (per usual with other 5th graders)
  • PTA to fill the gap between 3-3:30 pm - parent volunteers to host a homework club & snack time. NOTE: We still need a volunteer for this role or this activity will not happen.  (Note: this club will only meet on the days (TBD) when 5th graders can stay for clubs, and the 5th grader must be staying for a club to participate.)
  • Parents will be required to provide a way for their student to get home at the conclusion of any after school activities, just like in elementary school. (5th Graders may NOT use the Sandburg late bus.)
PTA Provided Enrichment during the school year

The 5th Grade Students will be able to participate in the following activities during the school year which will be provided by the Sandburg PTA:

In addition, 5th grade parents are invited to join middle school parents for our Trivia Night!


Reach out on Facebookcall the school office, email anyone on the 5th Grade Parent Committeeemail anyone on the PTA Executive Boardyour teacher, and/or Principal Fehrenbacher. Everyone is here to help you and your child succeed at Sandburg!