The mission of Sandburg PTA is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children. We collaborate with the school to encourage students to become confident, independent, responsible and respectful learners.



President: Angela Bagdasarian

President-Elect: Alison Dondlinger

Treasurer: Evelyn Boutin  

Secretary: Lara Stavridis and Liza Passarelli  

Membership: Wendee Reedy and Krista Nunemaker


6th Grade Fall Social: Nicole Krzak and Bonnie Allen

6th Grade Spring Social: Katerina Hickey

7th Grade Fall Social: Traci Wright

7th Grade Spring Social: Kati Kemph

8th Grade Fall Social: Linda Davies

8th Grade Promotion Party: Wendee Reedy and Angela Bagdasarian

8th Grade Activity Day: Wendee Reedy

All School Dance: Stacey Roginski

Career Day: Laura Stukel

Dance Class: Lisa Vasilopoulos

Directory: Lara Stavridis

Fresh Start Breakfast: Randa Barber and Renee Pas

Great Donation Day - PTA Council Rep: OPEN

Hospitality: Laura Gibson and Tracy Ries

Library Volunteer Coordinator: N/A

Outdoor Beautification: Suzanne Wilcox

REACH - PTA Rep: Amy Kehoe

Reflections - PTA Council Rep: OPEN

Scholarship - PTA Council Rep: Rachel Olson and Kim Murphy

School Beautification: OPEN

School Picture Day: Lara Stavridis

School Supplies: Audra Stanley and Lynnea Brown

Science Olympiad: Julie Vacko and Mr. Hagen


Spartan Store (6th, 7th, 8th): Allison Welz

Spirit Wear: Renee Pas and Rachel Stockard

Summer Rec Open House: OPEN

Teacher Appreciation: Amy Kinsella, Kristie Evers, Julie Poepping and Shawna Roubitchek

Volunteer Coordinator: Alison Dondlinger

Walk Through in August: Beth Hosler

Webmaster: Alicia Duell


2019-2020 Sandburg PTA Membership Information!

Calling all Sandburg Parents and Teachers!!!
Please help keep our traditions alive at Sandburg by joining the PTA.
The PTA sponsors many great events for our students, including:
  • Welcome Back to School Events for 6th, 7th and 8th graders;
  • 6th grade new student gifts;
  • All School Dance;
  • Fresh Start Breakfast;
  • Spirit Wear;
  • Faculty/Staff Appreciation;
  • 8th Grade Activity Day and Promotion Party;
  • 7th & 8th Grade Dance Class;
  • Student Financial Support and much more!
Joining the Sandburg PTA is easy!
Payments can be accepted by cash, check, or credit card.

Pay with credit card on-line at PTA webstore. Click here. Credit card payments are subject to a 3.99% service fee. Cash/check payers can download the attached form and print return it to the school office with cash or check payment.

PTA Membership fees have remained unchanged for many years, despite the increase in fees owed to the National PTA organization.  All PTA programs at Sandburg are funded by Fair Share Fees and additional donations.  We are striving for 100% membership this year!  Thank you in advance for becoming a PTA member!                                                         

For questions contact Wendee Reedy or Krista Nunemaker.



Sandburg PTA School Directory

Sandburg Middle School PTA offers our School Directory electronically to paid PTA members. We use Directory Spot to offer our information through an app. 

The app is very secure and only paid PTA members will have access. More information on the security features can be found here.

Each new user will receive an email from Directory Spot stating that you have just been added as a user for Sandburg PTA. See image below. You can then log in with your authorized email address and will set your password. 

If you already have a password, you do not have to do anything. Log in using your existing username and password and the new Sandburg Directory will be available to you.

If you are a new Directory Spot user, click the “set password” link in the email to set your password, download the DirectorySpot app as instructed and log in to begin using.

If you are a user on more than one Directory Spot directory such as Sandburg Middle School and York HS, you should now see a new icon on the bottom right of the app. It's labeled "Directories.” From there, simply select the school you want, toggling easily between the directories. 

The PTA administrator can update Directory Spot at any time throughout the year, so if you have changes in your information, please contact Lara Stavridis at larastavridis@yahoo.com.

It’s as simple as that!

Directory Spot Information

Here are a few features you can expect as well as answer to that all important question, "But what if I still want a hard copy?" 

  • The app will work on both Android and Apple phones.
  • Directory Spot provides updates in "real time" so when an address is updated on the master copy, it will automatically update on everyone's devices so you will always have the most current content.
  • You can download the directory on a laptop or computer so you will have access to the directory that way as well.
  • You can also print a complete, hard copy of the directory from your computer so you have this option if you would prefer it.
  • For those who do not have computer, phone, or printer access, the PTA will be happy to print a copy for any families who fall into this category.
  • It is secure, password protected, and Directory Spot takes precautions on their end to protect their users.
  • Teacher names, email addresses and other helpful information like this will be available via the app.
  • You will be able to send an email to a parent or teacher directly from the app.

We hope you find this new way of offering the directory helpful. Other schools and PTAs we know of have done this same thing with great success. As with any change, we know that some may not be fans of this option and we welcome your feedback. It's easy to print a hard copy and we can print one for those who are unable to do so on their own. Going electronic will help us conserve resources as well as offering the easiest way to do updates etc.