Elizabeth Napper

  Mrs. Napper 8th Grade Math class.

On this page you will find:

1.) Agenda for the week. Look to the right and click on the appropriate class.

2.) Daily Problems (warm-up) and Answer Keys to each homework assignment. You will find these on the right on the appropriate page.

3) Outdoor Education information. Look to the right and click on Outdoor Education.

4) Helpful websites. 

Khan Academy- a great place to look up videos of how to solve problems and practice (free to join)

Demos- a great place to graph and explore relationships among different function families (free to use)


Below are the times I am available to help students and check in missing work:

Tuesday, May 21 Lunch

Wednesday, May 22 7:50-8:15

Wednesday, May 22 3:25-4:25

Thursday, May 23 7:50-8:15

Thursday, May 23 Lunch

Help Sessions- please fill out this sheet every time you attend a help session